Brawl Stars Darryl

Welcome to the definitive guide on the Best Darryl Build in Brawl Stars! Dominate the battlefield with Darryl, a Super Rare Brawler known for his rolling maneuvers and shotgun blasts!

This Brawl Stars guide will introduce the best gadget, star power, and gears to equip Darryl, ensuring you maximize his potential in every match. Whether you’re looking to control the pace of the game or deal devastating close-range damage, this guide will help you understand how to make him a formidable opponent.

Updated on February 8, 2024: We’ve revisited and updated this guide to keep it fresh and relevant for all Darryl players. With his recent adjustment in the Brawl Stars tier list, moving from C to D tier, it’s crucial to adapt our strategies to his current standing.

Brawl Stars Darryl

Best Gadget for Darryl

Tar Barrel stands out as the superior gadget for Darryl in most situations. This gadget emits a slowing tar around him for 5 seconds, which significantly enhances his control over enemy movements. This is crucial for him, enabling him to close in on opponents or retreat with ease. The slow effect allows him to make the most of his shotgun’s damage potential by keeping enemies within close range.

While Recoiling Rotator offers great utility in Heist by providing additional Super charge and area damage, Tar Barrel’s ability to manipulate enemy positioning generally provides greater overall value.

Best Star Power for Darryl

Without a doubt, Steel Hoops is the go-to Star Power. Activating after his Super, Steel Hoops reduces all incoming damage by 25% for 2 seconds, significantly increasing his survivability during crucial engagements.

This Star Power is especially beneficial for his playstyle, which often involves diving into the fray to maximize his close-range damage. Whether you’re rolling into a group of enemies or making a strategic retreat, Steel Hoops offers the durability needed to excel in his role.

Best Gears for Darryl

The Damage Gear is essential for Darryl, enhancing his already formidable close-range burst potential when his health drops below 50%. This gear synergizes well with his aggressive playstyle, allowing him to dish out even more damage during tight skirmishes.

In scenarios where durability is key, the Health Gear provides faster recovery, ensuring he can sustain his presence on the battlefield longer.

For players looking to capitalize on his mobility and objective play, the Speed Gear is an excellent choice. It is particularly effective in various Brawl Stars modes where fast rotations and positioning are crucial.

In summary, equipping Darryl with the right combination of gadget, star power, and gears can turn him into a powerhouse on the battlefield despite the challenges presented by the current fast-paced meta. By understanding and leveraging these recommendations, you can enhance his strengths and mitigate his weaknesses, ensuring you make the most of his unique capabilities.

Whether you need to control enemy movements, survive in the thick of battle, or maximize damage output, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to excel with Darryl in Brawl Stars.

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