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If you want to master Chester’s unique and versatile playstyle in Brawl Stars, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover all you need to know about his Gadgets, Star Powers, and Gears so you truly unlock Chester’s potential.

Updated on April 19, 2024: Chester might not be in the best place in our Brawl Stars tier list currently, but with the right setup, you can still secure those W’s. We’ve updated our guide to help Chester players optimize their gameplay — no matter the game mode.

Best Gadget for Chester

Choosing the right Gadget for Chester can be difficult, considering both rely on chance and random outcomes. Candy Beans is our preferred option, however, as it enhances Chester’s adaptability through speed, reload speed, damage boosts, or healing. These buffs are a sure way to win a battle, no matter if it’s a one-on-one contest or trying to secure an objective.

We won’t argue against using Spicy Dice, though, as this Gadget swings the unpredictability in your favor by allowing you to change your Super at will. Choosing between them depends on your playstyle—whether you prefer the potential for immediate statistical enhancements or the tactical flexibility of changing your Super.

Best Star Power for Chester

Bell’O’Mania is the Star Power of choice for Chester, hands down. Adding an extra bell to Chester’s attack sequence significantly enhances his damage output, making him more lethal in skirmishes.

This extra stage allows Chester to deal more consistent damage across his attack cycles, improving his ability to pressure enemies and control space. In the thick of battle, this additional firepower can make all the difference, enabling Chester to dispatch foes more efficiently and bolster his presence on the field.

Best Gears for Chester

Chester Build and Guide | Brawl Stars 1

Speed Gear

Gain 15% speed increase when moving in bushes.

When it comes to gears, selecting Speed and Damage gears is paramount for Chester. The Speed gear boosts his maneuverability, essential for both evading enemy attacks and engaging targets.

Chester Build and Guide | Brawl Stars 2

Damage Gear

Deal 15% extra damage when your Brawler is below 50% Health.

Meanwhile, the Damage gear increases Chester’s damage output when his health falls below 50%, making him a more threatening presence in critical moments. This combination supports a dynamic playstyle, enabling Chester to swiftly navigate the battlefield and deal substantial damage, even when at a disadvantage.

Chester Build and Guide | Brawl Stars 3
Chester (Brawl Stars)

By integrating Candy Beans or Spicy Dice, Bell’O’Mania, and the Speed and Damage Gears into your Chester build, you unlock a new level of strategic depth and combat effectiveness in Brawl Stars.

Despite his tier ranking, a well-equipped Chester can dominate the arena, proving that the right build can turn any Brawler into a formidable opponent.

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