Charlie Brawl Stars

Ready to join the circus with Charlie, the yo-yo slinging star of the Bizarre Circus? This guide is your ticket to mastering the best Charlie build, ensuring your gameplay is as thrilling as her circus acts.

We’re going to juggle her best gadgets, star powers, and gears, so you can perform in the Brawl arena like a true showstopper. For more acrobatic strategies and tips keep up with the meta using our Brawler tier list. Let’s get the show on the road!

Charlie Meta Update – January 2024

Charlie, after receiving several nerfs in the latest updates, has moved down to the A tier.

Her hypercharge and the ability to instantly eliminate an enemy with her super continue to be significant advantages, albeit slightly less dominant than before, hence her A-tier ranking.

Understanding how to leverage her strengths and counter her weaknesses is key to mastering Charlie in the current meta.

Best Charlie Build in Brawl Stars

Charlie’s best build focuses on maximizing her utility and damage potential. Let’s unveil the optimal setup for this circus superstar.

Best Gadget for Charlie

The Spiders gadget is the top choice for Charlie, widely regarded as one of the strongest gadgets in the game.

When activated, it releases three spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies, providing significant utility and damage. With their high HP, these spiders can be a game-changer in battles, offering both offensive and defensive advantages.

Best Star Power for Charlie

For star power, Digestive remains the best option, especially after recent nerfs. This power ensures that cocooned enemies lose 25% of their health while cocooned, making it particularly effective against tanky Brawlers.

While Slimy is also a viable option, creating a trail that slows down enemies, Digestive’s impact on enemy health gives Charlie a significant edge in weakening her opponents.

Best Gears for Charlie

In terms of gears, the Gadget Charge Gear is essential, increasing the number of gadget uses and enhancing Charlie’s battlefield control.

Accompanying this with the Damage Gear is advisable, especially since it deals 15% extra damage when Charlie’s health is below 50%. This combination ensures that Charlie remains a constant threat, even when at lower health.

In conclusion, mastering Charlie in Brawl Stars means understanding and utilizing her best gadget, star power, and gears to their fullest potential.

With the right build, Charlie becomes a circus sensation, capable of controlling the battlefield with her unique abilities and striking fear into the hearts of her opponents. So gear up, step into the ring, and let your Charlie gameplay dazzle the Brawl Stars world!

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