Best Buzz Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears


If you’re looking for the best Buzz build to dominate the competition, you’ve come to the right place!

This Brawl Stars guide is your one-stop-shop for mastering Buzz, the vigilant lifeguard. We’ve got you covered from selecting the ultimate Gadget and Star Power to equipping the most effective Gears. Enhance your gameplay and turn him into the beach’s biggest threat.

Updated on April 10, 2024: Buzz’s skill set remains a game-changer, particularly his gap-closing capabilities and impressive Hypercharge. And while he’s jumping all over the place in our Brawl Stars tier list, there’s no doubting the best options for building him the right way.

Best Buzz Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears 1

Best Gadget for Buzz

Regarding gadgets, Reserve Buoy is virtually unbeatable for Buzz, providing an instant Super charge that, while not stunning enemies, offers strategic flexibility. This gadget is a game-changer in clutch moments or when initiating surprise attacks.

Conversely, X-Ray Shades is underrated on grassy maps, offering unrivaled visibility and tactical advantages by revealing hidden enemies. This underrated gem can tilt the battlefield in your favor, especially when combined with his Eyes Sharp star power, extending the reach of your vision and enhancing team coordination in bush-dense areas.

Best Star Power for Buzz

Eyes Sharp is Buzz’s star power of choice, significantly extending his super charging area. This enhanced vision is invaluable on grassy maps, allowing him to detect and close in on enemies easily. This strategic advantage not only aids in scouting but also in planning your next move, ensuring he remains a formidable presence on the battlefield. The increased radius means more ground covered, making it harder for enemies to hide and easier for him to charge his Super and launch his attacks.

Best Gadget for Buzz

Opting for Damage and Shield Gears is a wise choice for him. The Damage Gear boosts his already high damage output when his health drops below 50%, allowing him to pack a heavier punch in critical moments. Meanwhile, the Shield Gear provides an additional layer of protection with a regenerating shield, enhancing his survivability on the front lines.

This combination of gears makes him a tougher opponent, ensuring he can stay in the fight longer and capitalize on his close-range prowess.

In conclusion, mastering Buzz in Brawl Stars hinges on utilizing the right combination of gadget, star power, and gears. By strategically choosing between Reserve Buoy and X-Ray Shades for a tactical advantage, Eyes Sharp for extended vision, and equipping the best gears allows you to dominate the battlefield.

Remember, the key to Buzz’s success lies in strategic positioning, maximizing his unique abilities, and adapting to the dynamics of each match.

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