Top 10 Brawlers to Max Out First in Brawl Stars Season 23 1

Welcome to the definitive guide for best Brawlers to max out first in Brawl Stars Season 23.

If you’re aiming to climb the ranks and dominate in the arena, knowing which Brawlers to prioritize is key. Much like our expert Brawl Stars tier list, in this guide, we’ll delve into the crème de la crème of Brawlers for this season, explaining why beefing them up early will give you a significant edge.

Best Brawlers to Max Out Fast in Season 23

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Wasp Bo in Brawl Stars

Bo is the king of versatility this season, making him a no-brainer for your first max-out. Not only does he rank as one of the best Brawlers in our Brawl Stars tier list, but his recent rise in the meta is also noteworthy.

Bo’s kit, particularly his Snare a Bear Star Power and reload speed gear, makes him a powerhouse in control and damage output. He’s a sniper who can handle tanks, shining in every map and mode.

Maxing Bo fast means capitalizing on his versatility and newfound 20% attack damage increase, making him a threat in any team composition.


Cordelius in Brawl Stars

Cordelius stands as a formidable counter in the Hypercharge meta, excelling in 1v1 scenarios with impressive speed and healing abilities. His Replanting gadget and Mushroom Kingdom Star Power elevate his gameplay, making him a versatile choice in various modes and maps.

As a top contender in Power League, Cordelius’s value in your roster is undeniable. Although he requires skillful play, the rewards are immense. No Hypercharge yet, but his unique ‘shadow realm’ ability makes him a game-changer. Dive into the depths of Cordelius’s gameplay with his Best Build Guide.


Top 10 Brawlers to Max Out First in Brawl Stars Season 23 2

Maisie, an S-Tier Brawler, is your go-to for team wipes and rapid super cycling. Her Hypercharge, bolstered by the Tremors Star Power and disengage gadget, makes her a nightmare for opponents.

Maisie’s versatility and ability to counter various Brawlers make her a top pick for any game mode. The importance of maxing Maisie lies in her ability to maintain consistent pressure, validated by her high win rates in professional settings like ESL. Discover how to maximize Maisie’s potential in her Best Build Guide.


Top 10 Brawlers to Max Out First in Brawl Stars Season 23 3

Leon, the master of stealth and ambush, is a critical Brawler to max out in Season 23. His versatility shines across various maps and modes, largely due to his Lollipop Drop gadget enabling sneaky plays. But it’s his Hypercharge that truly transforms Leon into a whirlwind of destruction, ideal for taking down multiple opponents swiftly.

Invisiheal stands out among his Star Powers, perfect for quick engagement and retreat during intense fights. The recent buff to his Mythic gear has only sweetened the deal, enhancing his already formidable presence on the battlefield.

Leon’s low ban rate in matches is a bonus, ensuring frequent play opportunities. With his skill in dodging shots and effectively using his super, Leon emerges as a top-tier Brawler, especially potent in passive mode.


Top 10 Brawlers to Max Out First in Brawl Stars Season 23 4

Dynamike, often underrated but a powerhouse in his own right, deserves your attention for maxing out in Season 23. We consider him to be a hidden gem, especially with his formidable Boomer Hypercharge. This ability allows him to cycle quickly, potentially wiping out entire teams.

While the current map pool might not be his ideal playground, he still shines in certain scenarios, especially in Heist. Dynamike is an indispensable thrower in Power League, often proving to be a game-changing last pick.

His Hypercharge is a recipe for guaranteed team wipes, showcasing his ability to flip the game in your favor. To learn more about harnessing Dynamike’s explosive potential, explore Dynamike’s Best Build Guide.


Mico has arrived to Brawl Stars
Mico has arrived to Brawl Stars

Mico, a Brawler that sparks debate among players, is a force to be reckoned with and a top candidate for maxing out. Ranked in the A tier in our Brawl Stars tier list, his universal availability since the Brawl Days update makes him accessible to all.

In 1v1 scenarios, particularly in Solo Showdown, Mico’s prowess is undeniable. His Monkey Business Star Power, which allows ammo theft from opponents, gives him a distinct advantage in duels.

His super, granting a six-second invulnerability, is key to his playstyle, focusing on healing and ammo replenishment. While achieving his Hypercharge can be challenging, its impact on the game is profound, often carrying the match in your favor.


Edgar in Brawl Stars

Edgar’s ascent to the A-tier is a testament to his prowess in Brawl Stars Season 23. His Hypercharge ability is a game-changer, making him a nightmare in team battles with potential for multiple takedowns.

In 1v1 confrontations, Edgar’s mix of speed and power is unmatched. However, mastering Edgar requires strategic finesse, as engaging recklessly against certain brawlers can be detrimental.

Despite a nerf, Edgar’s enhanced abilities keep him as a formidable force, thriving in various game modes. His playstyle demands disciplined aggression, positioning him as a significant asset in your Brawler lineup. Maxing out Edgar means leveraging his agility and damage output to dominate battles.


Top 10 Brawlers to Max Out First in Brawl Stars Season 23 5

Piper remains a top-tier sniper in the current meta, excelling in ladder play with her precise shooting skills. Her auto-aim gadget, paired with the Snappy Sniping Star Power, makes her lethal against both tanks and agile brawlers.

Contrary to popular belief, Piper can effectively counter tank strategies by breaking open terrain with her super. Her synergy between gadget and Star Power allows for efficient ammo management and increased damage output, making her an invaluable asset in various situations.

Piper’s consistent performance and sniper abilities solidify her as a reliable choice in competitive play.


Top 10 Brawlers to Max Out First in Brawl Stars Season 23 6

Nani emerges as a strategic powerhouse in Power League, particularly advantageous when you’re not the first pick. She’s a critical asset in team compositions, offering counterplay to brawlers that are vulnerable to others.

Despite requiring good aiming skills, Nani’s gameplay is accessible, allowing players to make impactful plays from a safe distance. Her powerful super can secure crucial kills, shifting the game’s dynamics in your favor.

Nani’s ability to influence the game from afar, combined with her impactful super, marks her as a top brawler to max out.


Sandy - Brawl Stars (Supercell)
Sandy – Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Sandy’s enduring excellence in the current meta can be attributed to his super’s ability to force opponents into retreat, especially those relying on Hypercharge.

Playing Sandy to his full potential requires a deep understanding of maintaining distance and strategic gadget use. While some may perceive Sandy as a low-skill brawler, he actually demands intelligent gameplay and precise aiming, particularly when targeting enemies behind cover.

His rapid Super cycling and stun capabilities make him an invaluable asset in controlling key map areas and supporting team strategies. Sandy’s blend of offensive and defensive skills makes him a vital brawler to max out. Uncover the secrets to Sandy’s success in his Best Build Guide.

In conclusion, maxing out Bo, Cordelius, Maisie, Leon, Dynamike, Mico, Edgar, Nani, Sandy, and Piper in Brawl Stars Season 23 will significantly enhance your gameplay. Each brings unique strengths to the arena, ensuring you’re well-equipped to dominate the competition. Happy brawling!

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