Best Brawlers for Ranked Mode Season 25 in Brawl Stars

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Securing victories in Brawl Stars’ new Ranked Mode demands a strategy, starting with choosing the right brawler.

As a game that thrives on player skill and team coordination, the new Brawl Stars Ranked Mode has added an extra layer of competitiveness and excitement.

Choosing the right brawler for Ranked Mode is crucial. Each brawler brings a unique set of abilities to the table, and in a mode where every match can impact your rank, making the right choice is paramount. Today, we’ll dive into the top brawlers for dominating the new Ranked Mode in Brawl Stars.

Best Brawlers for Ranked Mode Season 25 in Brawl Stars

10. Bibi

Best Brawlers for Ranked Mode Season 25 in Brawl Stars 1

Bibi gets a chance to shine in Brawl Stars’ Ranked Mode Season 25 thanks to the new modifier Sick Beats, which grants the brawlers immunity to all stuns and slows. In normal and other modifiers, Bibi shows brilliance in scenarios requiring crowd control, area denial, and quick repositioning.

9. Amber

Best Brawlers for Ranked Mode Season 25 in Brawl Stars 2

Amber is another good pick for this season’s Ranked Mode, as you can switch between her gadgets depending on the map you’ll be playing. She’s also known for her moderate health and high-damage capabilities. Amber’s kit makes her a versatile Brawler capable of applying constant pressure and controlling the battlefield with her fiery attacks. Her ability to manage space with her Super and the added utility of her gadgets and Star Powers make her a formidable opponent

8. Spike


Spike secures his spot as the 8th best brawler to use in Season 25, and can be used even by the newer players of Brawl Stars. His attack allows him to shoot a cactus, which explodes and sends out six spikes. Many players struggle to dodge these attacks, allowing for great damage.

7. Jessie

Best Brawlers for Ranked Mode Season 25 in Brawl Stars 3

Jessie‘s revamped Hypercharge significantly enhances Jessie’s abilities, reducing the number of supers needed to activate her Hypercharge. She can deploy her turret more often due to this. Her Hypercharge also gives her increased speed and damage, making her swift in engaging the enemies or escaping when needed.

6. Piper


Piper is one of the Brawlers that continue to dominate the Ranked Mode, just dropping from fourth to sixth place from her previous ranking for Season 24. She offers great sniping capabilities and strategic depth. Those who wish to use her in Ranked Mode must be proficient in aiming and movement prediction. You must maintain your distance and find opportunities to land your shots.

5. Larry & Lawrie

Larry and Lawrie Brawl Stars

While many believe that Larry & Lawrie aren’t as good as they used to be due to the many nerfs they have faced in the past, they still stand as a good choice for Ranked Mode Season 25. Larry’s ability to throw tickets that explode twice allows for significant area control and damage and Lawrie’s ability to seek out enemies aggressively makes them effective in disrupting enemy formations and dealing high burst damage at close range. Larry & Lawrie blend offensive capabilities and strategic depth, making them a versatile choice for Ranked Mode.

4. Leon


Leon continues to dominate the battle arena with his versatility, the greatness of his Hypercharge, and invisibility skill. He can easily adapt against any of his opponents, making him one of the best brawlers. His stealth abilities make him the ultimate assassin in Ranked Mode. His capacity to become invisible and deal increased damage up close allows him to take out key targets, significantly impacting the outcome of a match.

3. Charlie

Charlie Brawl Stars

Charlie continues to stand out in Ranked Mode, even jumping from eighth place for Season 24 to third place for Season 25. She is a versatile choice for players seeking to dominate their opponents with a blend of control, utility, and damage. Her recent Hypercharge adjustment makes her more aggressive, and her Spider Gadget hasn’t been nerfed.

2. Cordelius

Best Brawlers for Ranked Mode Season 25 in Brawl Stars 4

Cordelius continues to smash through Ranked Mode, especially with many of the players using his Star Power “Comboshrooms” for additional damage. While it can be hard to play him in long-range maps due to his limited range, he’s definitely a nightmare to deal with in any other map. Cordelius brings a unique blend of defense and offense to the game. His ability to fortify his position while dealing with area damage makes him a formidable defender and an aggressive attacker when the situation calls for it.

1. Angelo

Angelo Brawl Stars

Angelo has charmed his way into the top spot for Ranked Mode this Season 25. If handled correctly, Angelo will just delete any enemy in his way. His normal attack already deals a huge amount of damage, but once he uses his Super, it’s just goodbye to most Brawlers in the game. His kit, such as the Stinging Flight Gadget, allows him to get away and maintain his distance from aggressive Brawlers, and the Empower Star Power allows him to heal up inside his Super’s area of effect.

Climbing the ranks in Brawl Stars’ new Ranked Mode requires skill, strategy, and the right choice of brawler. Each of these top contenders brings something unique to the table, and mastering them can significantly increase your chances of victory. So, choose your brawler wisely, and may your path to the top be swift and decisive. Make sure also to check out our overall Brawl Stars tier list!

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