All Chinese Brawl Stars Skins: Exclusive China server cosmetics

All Chinese Brawl Stars Skins: Exclusive China server cosmetics 1

Brawl Stars players are always on the lookout for unique skins, and the Chinese version of the game does not disappoint.

Brawl Stars, the fast-paced multiplayer battle game, has captivated players worldwide with its colorful arenas, quirky characters, and, most notably, its extensive array of skins.

These cosmetic changes not only add a personal touch but often come with unique animations and effects that enhance the gaming experience. Among these, the Chinese exclusive skins stand out for their distinctive designs and animations.

Today, we’re diving into the world of Brawl Stars’ Chinese exclusive skins, ranging from the elegant Aquarius Emz to the latest addition, Piper, alongside other unique skins for characters like Spike, Mortis, Shelly, Colt, Bo, and Stu.

Chinese Brawl Stars Skins

Each of the Chinese Brawl Stars skins is best viewed in video form so you can get a full understanding of the overhauled animations and new-look abilities. We’ve included videos of each of the Brawl Stars skins that are exclusive to China below.

Interstellar Traveller Spike skin

The Interstellar Spike skin has a bunch of incredible animations that are space-themed. It’s a monumental step up from the Poop Spike skin that Global players received.

Super Mortis skin

The Super Mortis skin is exclusive to China’s Brawl Stars server and represents a radical difference from Mortis’ usual appearance. In fact, many players could be fooled into thinking this is a completely different Brawler.

Explosive Gamer Shelly skin

Shelly gets a skin that perfectly matches Colt on the Chinese Brawl Stars server. Players are obsessed with the appearance but feel like the animations could certainly be improved.

Explosive Gamer Colt skin

The Explosive Gamer Colt skin, otherwise known as Electronic Toy Colt, is another popular skin that’s available exclusively on Chinese servers.

Sagittarius Bo

Moving onto the Zodiac-themed Chinese Brawl Stars skins and we’ll kick things off with Bo. Released in November, Bo gets a complete visual makeover and was the first of the 12 upcoming Zodiac skins to be released.

Capricorn Stu skin

Capricorn Stu was the next Chinese exclusive Zodiac-themed skin. This remarkable skin is regarded as one of the most impressive, at least by Global players, with many begging for it to be released worldwide.

Aquarius Emz skin

Aquarius Emz was next off the ranks as the hair spray-loving Brawler got a complete makeover with new-look water-themed animations as well.

Pisces Piper skin

Pisces Piper is the most recent of the Zodiac-themed skins exclusive to China’s Brawl Stars servers. It’s arguably one of the most beautiful-looking skins out there and hailed as a “work of art” with many unique effects to go with it.

These Chinese-exclusive skins, known for their elaborate models and animations, spark a mix of admiration and controversy within the community.

But despite their visual appeal, these skins have stirred debate among players. Some argue that the detailed designs and animations enhance the game’s visual experience, adding an extra layer of enjoyment. However, detractors believe these features could be more polished, pointing out that the skins’ extravagant designs might disrupt the game’s cohesive visual style.

Whether viewed as a visual feast or a distracting display, they undeniably add depth to the game’s aesthetic landscape. As Brawl Stars continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how new skins are received and integrated into the global community’s fabric.

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