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Apex Legends isn’t known for having the best selection of skins and item customizations. But the Summer of Plunder sale is now live, and it has some pretty cool stuff.

The sale features six different bundles, and while most of it is entirely new content, it also brings back favourites that Apex Legends players would love. Here’s a list of everything available in the sale.

Holy Grail Bundle

First and foremost, the Holy Grail Bundle is the cheapest and most basic pack. It only costs a mere 700 Apex Coins, but you get one Legendary Apex Pack, seven Regular Apex Packs, and a Golden Charm Chalice. Now that’s what I call good bang for buck.

Phase Shift Bundle

The Phase Shift Bundle is the next cheapest option. It costs 1000 Apex Coins and includes Lifeline’s Blossom Skin, Bangalore’s Counter-Culture Skin, and a Night Light Skin for the Prowler weapon. It won’t be the most popular pack, but it might be appealing to players who main these characters.

Lucky Cat Bundle

Next, the Lucky Cat Bundle is a pretty good deal. It costs 2000 Apex Coins and includes a whopping 25 Apex Packs and a Lucky Cat Charm. This is a good deal for all the punters out there, although you might want to say a prayer to the RNG gods before opening the packs.

Voidwalker Bundle

The Voidwalker Bundle brings back Wraith’s Voidwalker Skin, a fan-favourite that will undoubtedly be the most popular pack. It costs 2500 Apex Coins and also includes a Voidwalker Banner Frame and the Gnarly Skin for the RE-45 machine pistol.

Dressed To Kill Bundle

The Dressed To Kill Bundle also costs 2500 Apex Coins. But instead of Wraith, it’s all about Loba, the newest Legend to join the roster. Buying the bundle will not only unlock the hero, but it also includes the Elegante Skin and an Ivory Fang Skin for the P2020 pistol.

Treasure Trove Bundle

Last but not least, the Treasure Trove Bundle is the heftiest and most expensive bundle of them all. It costs 5000 Apex Coins, which is steep. However, you get a lot of goodies, including 70 Apex Packs and a rare R301 skin. That’s good value if you’re willing to pay the price, but it depends on how lucky you get.

Of course, when opening Apex Packs, it all comes down to probability and good fortune. But if you’re not willing to take a gamble, the bundles with skins are still great deals.

Respawn can’t expect players to be willing to buy skins that look far too similar to each other. They could learn a thing or two from Valve and respond to community feedback. After all, a simple re-model with a re-colour isn’t good enough.

Hopefully, the Summer of Plunder sale is the start of a new trend in Apex Legends, one where better skins are available at a lower price.

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