AFK Journey Codes and How to Redeem (April 2024)


AFK Journey redeem codes offer rewards to boost your adventure in Esperia. Check out the active AFK Journey codes and how to redeem them.

AFK Journey, developed by Farlight, invites players to Esperia, a world where magic is as common as the air we breathe. As you embody the legendary mage Merlin, you’ll delve into a realm of strategic battles and unravel the mysteries alongside the heroes of Esperia.

Today, we’re diving into the latest AFK Journey codes and the simple redemption steps. These codes are your ticket to enhancing your journey with extra resources like Diamonds, Gold, and more.

Updated April 4, 2024: We’ve updated this guide with more active codes!

All AFK Journey codes

These are the active codes that you can redeem as of April 2024:

AFKJourneyAlpharad (New!)100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyCreator200 Diamonds,18k Gold
AFKJourneyPAX400 Diamonds, 40k Gold
AFKJN2024188 Diamonds, 18k Gold 
AFKJourneyArt327 Diamonds, 16k Gold 
AFKJourneyTT88 Diamonds, 16k Gold
AFKJourney88100 Diamonds, 18,888 Gold
AFKJourneyZanny100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyCarbot200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneySqueezie200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyTGT200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyMSA200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyCMK100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyDE100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyNOGLA200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyVIVA200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyVG200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyJianhao200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyJoshDUB100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyLGIO200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyRug200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyPG0100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneySPECIALEDD100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
AFKJourneyPRESTON200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
AFKJourneyHI100 Diamonds, 18k Gold

Note that these codes expire, so keep in touch to know the active codes in AFK Journey!

How to redeem AFK Journey codes

To redeem AFK Journey codes, players must:

  1. Open AFK Journey
  2.  Click on your Avatar at the top left
  3.  Click on the Settings icon
  4.  Click on “Others”
  5.  Click on “Promo Code”
  6.  Type or paste the code
  7.  Click on the check mark

After these steps, a pop-up should appear showing the rewards you received for redeeming the code.

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  • AFK Journey Codes and How to Redeem (April 2024) 2
  • AFK Journey Codes and How to Redeem (April 2024) 3

Video Guide

For a video guide on how to claim AFK Journey codes, watch below:

What Are AFK Journey Codes?

AFK Journey codes are special rewards the developers, Lilith Games, and Farlight Games give to celebrate the game’s milestones and events. Redeeming these codes rewards players with Diamonds and Gold, which is crucial for enhancing the gameplay experience by upgrading heroes and equipment more efficiently.

With the latest AFK Journey codes, you’re well-equipped to enhance your magical journey in Esperia. Remember to redeem these codes immediately to receive all the freebies.

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